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terra naturaTerra Natura, in Benidorm, offers a journey across three continents with one unifying thread: animals.

Terra Natura is a theme park aimed at the whole family and at all ages, that goes beyond a simple concept of leisure and nature. It offers the chance to travel to exotic places in Europe, Asia and America, to discover the folklore, culture, customs, gastronomy, crafts, and the flora and fauna of these three continents in just one day, and without setting foot outside Benidorm.
swimming with rays

As soon as you enter Terra Natura, you will feel like a traveller about to experience all kinds of adventures, thanks to the themed areas in each zone: South America, that magical atmosphere; Asia a spiritual land; Europe, life next to the sea.

The main protagonist in the park are the animals: there are 1,500 animals belonging to 200 different species, 54 of which are endangered. The site has full disabled access and also has a water park and a children's games area for the youngest visitors.


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