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terra naturaThe dolphins of Mundomar Aquatic Park live happily in a habitat specially designed for them. Several dolphins have been born in the park, proving their successful integration into the environment created for them.

The sea lions of Mundomar Aquatic Park are brimming with skill and ingenuity, and with them you will learn about adaptation to the water by marine mammals. Together with the seals, they offer a brilliant and entertaining show every day about.

The penguins live in harmony in the park, comprising a large colony with specimens of different species. Without doubt, a unique experience to learn about these birds from faraway lands.
swimming with rays
From the inside of the mysterious grounded galleon, you can watch live what is not possible to see on the surface: the performance of the dolphins in their natural habitat. Through large windows, your can observe the underwater life of these prized mammals.

At the Children's Park, you will find climbing walls, slides, ramps, bridges, nets and a great variety of swings and attractions give the youngsters a break before continuing their journey around nature. All the equipment is safe and specially designed for the needs of the younger members of the family.

There are kiosks located in different areas of the park which offer refreshments throughout the day, and the restaurant and cafeteria services of Mundomar Aquatic Park will delight the whole family with a cuisine of proven quality.


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